Houston Facial Hair Club
Welcome to Houston's Facial Hair club


    The Houston Facial Hair Club is located in Houston, Texas and we represent Houston and the surrounding areas.  We are dedicated to bringing people who love facial hair  and have facial hair(like a goatee, chops, beard, mustache) together. We are a non-profit and currently hold competitions twice a year to benefit other non profit organizations. We are also a social club and we hold 2 meeting/meet ups a month for everyone to attend. 


    It is simple to become a member, all you need is:

    - Live in Houston or surrounding areas

    - Attend 
12 of 24 principal monthly meetings (necessary to be considered a club member)

-Members also need to participate in 2 events or competitions, participates in community service activities 2 or more times a year, and do online participation, promoting the club through word of mouth or promotion of events, passing out cards and seeking sponsors from the local community.

    - Pay yearly dues of $40 (necessary to be a club, but you get a T-Shirt and Sticker)

         Membership into the club is very easy. The Houston Facial Hair Club is an organization that accepts members, fans, and sponsors aged 21 and over. Those with facial hair or those that love and appreciate facial hair which includes beards, mustaches, chops, goatees, et cetera may become members of the Houston Facial Hair Club. The purpose(s) of this organization shall be to develop a beard and mustache friendly environment for all to enjoy. We are dedicated to bringing people who love facial hair together, while fighting against facial hair discrimination. Keep on Growin’ is our motto and that is what we plan to do. We are here to keep our community Beardiful. We help raise funds for charities. We also hold meetings/meet ups twice a month, competitions, fundraisers , do community service/volunteer work and hold special events.



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